Participate in the Future of SecurityKrypti STO For Accredited Investors OnlyKrypti provides transaction security superior to any existing solutions through the use of patented MicroToken Exchange™ (MTE) technology.It also takes data security to a new level ensuring that users and exchanges are impervious to the numerous hacks and cryptocurrency thefts prevalent in today’s ecosystem.
The Challenge
$11 Billion in Crypto theft over the last 6 months.*Existing exchanges and wallets are vulnerable.
Wallets, Dapps, and Exchanges launched without robust securityThey are at ongoing risk Thefts impact the entire Crypto market
If data can be hacked, lost, stolen or intercepted, then stop using real data. MicroToken Exchange™ eliminates transmitting real data.
MicroToken Exchange (MTE):Securing Data in Motion
Krypti:leveraging MTE to secure Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Krypti is currently partnering with several crypto exchanges to provide security. This includes the listing of our own KryptiCoin and distribution and sales of our KryptiWallet.
What Krypti Secures
Exchange Operational WalletsUsers can safely keep assets in their exchange wallet without the need to move assets to cold storage.
Trading EnginesMTE can secure the transactions and data feeds interfacing with a Cryptocurrency Exchange’s trading engine, ensuring the data in motion cannot be hacked or altered.
User InterfacesMTE can secure Admin and Client Portals, providing robust security for all user interfaces without changing existing login procedures and protocols.
Why MTE is Optimal
High Speed, Low LatencyMTE is extremely efficient, securing data in transit with virtually no additional latency. Tests have proven that securing thousands of transactions with MTE adds only a few nanoseconds to transaction times.
Minimal Resources RequiredMTE for data in motion needs just a few kilobytes of space, is low latency, and requires minimal processor and memory resources.
ScalableBecause MTE is a high speed, low latency solution with a light footprint, it is perfect for high transaction environments, and can easily scale to accommodate exponential growth while providing unparalleled security.
Krypti Wallet:The most secure digital asset wallet ever.
We are confident that the KryptiWallet can become the preferred wallet for both Individuals and Enterprises, holding digital assets with the highest levels of security.
Krypti Investment Opportunity:Security Token Offering
Accredited, approved Investors can also participate in our SAFE Security Token Offering, tied to a percentage of Krypti’s top line revenue. The dividend provided shall be graduated on a sliding scale upon revenue increases, in a manner that ensures a continual ROI increase to investors. The chart displays a reasonable representation of the actual scale. Further details on Krypti’s revenue projections and STO participation requirements can be provided upon execution of an NDA. Additional Restrictions Apply.The material is intended for accredited investors only, as such term is defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the Securities Act, in the United States of America. Please be advised that this offering and the underlying securities have not been registered under the U.S. Securities Act, or any state securities laws in the U.S. or elsewhere Any Investor purchasing this Safe and or the securities to be acquired by the Investor hereunder, are for its own account for investment, not as a nominee or agent, and not with a view to, or for resale in connection with, the distribution thereof, and the Investor has no present intention of selling, granting any participation in, or otherwise distributing the same.
  • Patented Technology used by the US Military
  • Addresses a real market need
  • Comprehensive Roadmap for growth
  • Supported by Eclypses, a US based Cybersecurity company
  • Over 30 employees
  • Experienced Management Team
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