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KRYPTI is a world exactly like ours, except recently, everything changed. What some thought was humanity’s most significant scientific discovery proved to be known as “The Great Reset.”

Decades later, 10% of Earth’s population remains. Humanity split into two Factions, those powerful or lucky enough to be granted sanctum in government survival centers and those forced to survive outside the Zones.


KRYPTI comes to life as the cornerstone, proof-of-concept, and introduction to a much larger vision – The true gaming metaverse. Our combination of robust proprietary technology, a strong network of strategic partners & aligned philosophies has made it possible to fill the current Metaverse gaming gap.

The infrastructure necessary to enable a truly decentralized, real-time, ultra-realistic metaverse is much closer than previously imagined. Choose your faction, join the revolution, and let’s create history.


The Genesis KRYPTI NFT collection will consist of 1,777 AiRMs (Artificially Intelligent Rooting Mechanism) offered exclusively via invite-only mint. This prestigious collection will be reserved for those most dedicated to rebuilding humanity.

AiRM NFT holders benefit in-game as well as throughout the entire Kryptiverse Gaming Ecosystem and QDex™.


Kryptiverse Ecosystem Benefits

Holders receive ecosystem-wide benefits, savings, and capabilities within the Kryptiverse Gaming Ecosystem, TesseraQ™ Network, QDex App, QDex Marketplace and more!


Gaming Ecosystem benefits include:

  • Reduced NFT marketplace fees
  • Bonus staking & airdrop rewards
  • Exclusive beta access for new features

QDex App premium includes:

  • Ability to easily mint your own NFTs
  • Access to on-chain analytics & research dashboard
  • Exclusive beta access for new features

QDex Marketplace benefits include:

  • Reduced DEX fees
  • NFT rarity analytics
  • Bonus LP rewards

KRYPTI™ In-game Benefits

Players receive exclusive in-game utility, enhancements, and content with the first Web3 game in its purest form: an ultra-realistic, fully decentralized, first-person shooter.

  • Playable Avatar NFT airdrop and eligibility for future token and NFT airdrops
  • Allowlist and/ or discounts for future sales
  • Exclusive game beta access (Coming Q4 2022)



Hybrid Gameplay

KRYPTI is a top-down strategy game for deep base-building & exploration mechanics. Dive head-first into missions and battles with action-packed first-person shooter gameplay.


Build Your Metaverse

A robust set of creative tools are available to players, allowing them to design their gameplay experience—craft gear, weapon skins, buildings, and maps that can then be sold to other players.


Play and Win Rewards

By playing KRYPTI, you may receive in-game rewards through missions, PvP or PvE matches.


Monopolize your Craft

If fighting isn’t your style, leverage your Krypti QARMIs to facilitate market sales, craft & sell gear, contract players to mine resources, and much more.


Phase 1

Community Go-live
Litepaper Release

Phase 2

Story Teaser Video
Genesis AiRM NFT Mint
Player Avatar Teaser

Phase 3

Avatar NFT Mint
Player Missions Begin (NFT holders)
Token Distribution

Phase 4

Land Mint
PvE Early Access
Gear & Building Blueprint NFTs

Phase 5

Beginning of a new metaverse era with migration to the TesseraQ network

Team Members



Rob Sobieski


Walt Greene


Dario Nachef


Ben Wingender








What is QDex Network?

The underlying network that KRYPTI will be built on as the first ultra-realistic AAA game and the cornerstone of the QDex gaming ecosystem – the Kryptiverse.

Will the game be free-to-play?

Yes, the game will be free to play, and players will have the option of participating in the play-to-earn components.

Is there a token?

Not yet, but we look forward to announcing the availability of our utility token! For updates, stay tuned on Discord and our Twitter feed.

How can I Mint?

A step-by-step guide will be released as we get closer to the 10/31 mint date. Allowlist members will have priority so make sure to lock in your spot!

What is the Mint price?

Genesis mint will start at .05 ETH plus gas of the mint transaction. Join us on Discord and Twitter for the latest updates on our October 31st mint.

How many Gen. 0 NFTs will there be?

The Genesis NFT collection will be split into 4 releases that total 1,777.

What is the Mint Schedule?

Krypti’s Genesis NFT collection will be released over a period of 4 separate mints. Each mint represents a squadron of Krypti’s upper echelon. The first begins on October 31 with the Genesis Squadron 1:111 mint with subsequent waves planned weekly.

Genesis Squadron Mint Schedule

  • ● Squadron 1: 111 – First mint for 111 NFTs
  • ● Squadron 1: 333 – Second mint for 333 NFTs
  • ● Squadron 1: 556 – Third mint for 556 NFTs
  • ● Squadron 1: 777 – Fourth mint for 777 total NFTs

What is Gen 0 NFT?

In the world of KRYPTI, Badges are the key to re-building humanity. The first series, known as Genesis 0, was created in limited numbers for the highly specialized individuals committed to establishing the new world. The Badges NFTs will unlock exclusive IRL, in-game, and ecosystem utility. This includes economical actions, access to private Discord groups, whitelisting, airdrops for future tokens and NFTs, and additional perks such as merchandise and events. Some of these benefits are visible immediately, and some will be revealed as the story unfolds…

How do I get involved?

Please reach out to us in our Discord or email!

What is the TesseraQ?

The TesseraQ Network offers A novel, decentralized network architecture tailor-made to meet the demands and requirements that are inherent to a true, Web3 environment and subsequently, a hyper-realistic, fully interactive Metaverse. The 3‐Node architecture that has been created is specifically optimized to allow for this possibility with all its complexities to be realized today!

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